Reimagining care for the seniors

We spent over two years understanding the needs of the elderly. miiCUBE uses Artificial Intelligence to keep them safe, active and connected with their families and friends


Simple and reliable

Developed specifically for the seniors, who are well or have a chronic condition

Works without wearable

A unique solution which makes wearing a pendant something of the past.

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Easy to use

Developed in collaboration with seniors to make it simple and effective.

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It learns about the elderly and their environment to detect and protect.

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It works independently in the background, without intruding in the user’s life.

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How It Works

A very simple concept but it works a treat

Wireless Sensors


Tiny sensors are placed at key locations within the house to monitor activities and the environment



miiCUBE connects to the sensors and other smart devices for situational awareness

Instant Notification


An instant notification is sent to the relevant contacts if something abnormal is detected



Senior person in distress receives the appropriate support immediately and their family are informed


One-button Press


All the critical functions of the miiCUBE are triggered through a single  ergonomically  designed button which is large and soft

Magnetic Charging


miiCUBE is featured with a magnetic power connector to prevent trip hazards and to make it easy for the seniors to install without help

Fail Safe


For the safety and convenience of our users we’ve engineered a power pack which will keep miiCUBE operational during power cuts

No internet required


miiCUBE has its own internet connection which provides a secure connection between the user and their carers and loved ones

Clear and Crisp Sound


The interior of miiCUBE has some unique acoustic characteristic to provide a clear and crisp sound and entertainment

Light Beam


The light beam uses distinctive colours and patterns to interact with the seniors and can be trained to suit their own preference

What Our Target Customers Think

We interviewed our target customers to gauge their opinions



News, music, serials or social media. We also keep you informed about what is happening in your locality.

Digital Assistant

Your digital assistant is here as a companion to help you with food order or to arrange for a workman.


We will connect you to a 24/7 telecare centre if you need to help and want talk to someone urgently

Home Connect

Monitors home devices such as doorbells, intrusions, floodings, gas leaks and CCTV for bogus callers.


Reminders for hydration, taking medications and keeping active to help you have a healthier lifestyle.

Predictive Analytics

We use AI to predict events such as the likelihood of a fall, missed medications, changes in health, etc.


We log the time your Carer arrives and leaves your home to give your family peace of mind.


Our solution can call for help on your behalf, if a fall or deterioration of your health condition is detected.


We actively monitor your physical activities and vitals, and make these accessible on a dashboard

Meet the Team Behind miiCARE

A very diverse and unique team complement determined to solve the health crisis

Core Member and IoT specialist in elderly care

Kelvin Summoogum

Founder & CEO

Core Member and embedded systems specialist

John Wall

Co-founder & CTO

Non-exec academic adviser

Dr. Huy Phan

AI and ML advisor

Core Member and GP with strong medtech background

Dr. Shan Mantri MD

Chief Clinical Officer (MD)

Non-exec advisor and marketing specialist

Lisa Chin A Young

Strategy & Marketing

Core member and Data Scientist

Debayan Das

Clinical Data Analyst

Non-exec advisor and reputable former senior civil servant

Stephen Hilton

Public Sector Advisor

Non-exec advisor and machine learning expert

Prof Ian McLoughlin

AI and ML advisor

Non-exec advisor and insurance specialist

Terry Whittaker

Strategy & partnerships

Core member and retail specialist

Dan Parsons

Chief operations Officer

Core member with 18 years at Microsoft

Andy Smith

Chief Partnerships Officer


Case Study Video


1 in 3 elderly people suffer a fall every year, of which some may result in death. This video tells the story of Harry who is 71 and lives on his own. Harry recently had a fall and broke his hip. He had an implant fitted but his mobility is heavily impaired because he lost his muscle tone while recovering from his injury. He also has an onset of dementia which means he is always forgetting to take his medications. Like Harry, there are over 4 million elderly people in the UK who live on their own and are vulnerable. Please watch the short video to learn about how miiCUBE can help your elderly parents!


Number of over 65 living alone


Average falls among the elderly everyday


People receiving informal care



Our service is based on a subscription model. Please pre-order the subscription
which suits you best


Essentials to give peace of mind of usual activities around the home and who has visited
. . .


Comes with all the features from the basic package plus accessories to easily measure body vitals
. . .


Comes with our comprehensive set of telecare and telehealth devices and other smart accessories
. . .

Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find our top most asked questions by customers like yourself

How is miiCARE different to other companies?

miiCARE is a user-centric solution developed through intensive collaboration between practitioners, carers and the elderly. It can be configured to suit your health needs and personal lifestyle.
Our team is made up of people with years of experience working with the elderly and people with special needs, either as volunteers or professionals

Are there any health risks with the technology?

miiCARE is based on well-established sensor technology, such as passive infra-red movement detectors, widely used as home automation devices. What our experts have done is to turn these detectors into more intelligent devices to achieve full situational awareness within the home setting. This allows the system to detect anything abnormal so that the appropriate actions can be taken and fast.

Is it difficult to install?

Absolutely not, and there is no need to be a tech-savvy for you to install it thanks to the years of research that went into the product development. All you need to do is take miiCUBE out of the box, plug in the cable provided, stick the sensors around your house using the 3M tapes and you’re ready to go.

We’ve even colour-coded the cables and sockets so that you know exactly which bit goes where.

What if there is a power cut?

No worries, we thought about that one. One of our elderly client asked us to build this in the product and we’ve listened. When a power cut is detected the Cube automatically invokes the power backup mode which allows it to remain fully functional for up to 6 hours.

Can I configure miiCUBE for my specific needs?

There are some default settings which we will pre-configure before shipment to ensure that miiCUBE provides the basic functions based on clinical recommendations. To maintain the safety of the elderly person we would recommend that these are not altered. However, the other settings can be configured by the user depending on the habits and preferences. We are always available to walk you through these settings.

How do I know that miiCUBE is not faulty?

We thought about that one as well. We’ve worked closely with social alarm monitoring centres and are aware they receive lots of calls from the elderly people who just want to make sure that their system is not offline. To give them peace of mind we’ve built in a flashing light system which will let them know when something is not normal with the system.

Is my data kept securely?

Your personal safety and security is our priority and we’ve made every effort to prevent unsolicited accessed as we know the implications of your data landing in the wrong hands. Our servers also meet the criteria of ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ISMS requirements Standard and all our staff, processes and operations are designed to be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

Do I need a dedicated phone line?

No dedicated phone line is required. miiCUBE is designed to use your available internet or its own built-in internet connection. miiCUBE will scan for the connections automatically and when one connection drops it will look for another available connection without your intervention.

We also developed the solution such that it only transmits data when necessary, hence reducing the cost of data transmission.

Will I be able to cancel my contract?

Absolutely. If you change your mind within 90 days of purchase or your circumstances change, just let us know and we will take care of the rest for you and refund any surplus paid. As simple as that!

What is included in the membership fee?

Each package is different and has been formulated based on care needs and affordability. The shop page lists all the items that comes with each package together with the monthly subscriptions. However all packages comes with:

  • All communication costs between the Cube and the server
  • Notification of alarms to your relatives
  • Costs of the mobile APP and dashboard


How we have progressed since starting our venture

The Idea

Idea synthesis and UK market validation


Conceptual design, prototyping and Trials


End to end testing and regulatory approvals


Mass production and launch of product

Our Latest Blog

Some of our top posts related to our sector

Some of our Partners

Organisations currently supporting miiCARE

Launch of GEN2 miiCUBEs

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