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miiCare is empowering elderly people across the UK, safeguarding their independence and bringing peace of mind to their loved ones. As such, we’ve been attracting lots of interest from local authorities, private care providers and the NHS, and we’re now ready for our next exciting stage of growth.

To fund this growth, we’ll soon launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube where anyone will be able to invest in us, own a piece of miiCare, help shape our future direction and share in our successes.

If you’d like private, early access to our campaign ahead of the general public, then please sign-up using the form below.

We are now raising funds to:

Scale our solution to help as many as possible
Expand our ecosystem and service offerings.
Add new product features.
Incentivise product trials.

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Learn more about investing in miiCare and our future plans.

Frequently asked questions

Our investor FAQs should answer many of the questions you have about investing in miiCare and crowdfunding in general. Please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for at

  • How does crowdfunding work?
    • What is crowdfunding?

      Crowdfunding is a method of raising equity investment via ‘the crowd’. The crowd are individuals registered on crowdfunding platforms like Crowdcube who are looking to invest money into businesses that want to raise finance by exchanging equity (shares) in their business for capital.

    • How do I sign up?

      Anyone can become a member of the crowd by simply registering with a crowdfunding platform, such as Crowdcube. For example; you can register with Crowdcube by visiting their website here. You can register directly or via your Facebook account.

      Once you have found our pitch and you would like to invest, simply enter the amount you wish to invest in the ‘Enter Amount’ box and click ‘Invest now’.

      You are able to pay for your investment using their third party payment provider Stripe using a debit, credit or prepaid card, as recognised by Stripe. Unfortunately, Crowdcube are unable to accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

      Your payment will be only be taken once our pitch has hit its target, you have been given 7 working days to review your investment, and the legal documentation has been completed. If the pitch does not reach its target then no money is taken.

      Investors will be emailed a copy of the adopted Articles of Association to review. At this point, investors will also be informed of the cooling off period, which is generally no shorter than seven days. During the cooling off period you can query, reduce or withdraw your investment should you choose to do so by contacting Crowdcube.

    • What is a nominee structure?

      Rather than issuing the shares to you directly, the shares are instead issued to a nominee company: Crowdcube Nominees Limited. The nominee is named in the company’s register of shareholders and will be the legal holder of the shares.

      The nominee will hold the shares on trust for you, the beneficial owner. The terms of the trust are set out in a declaration of trust, which will be attached to the email you are sent after the pitch closes to investment. Please read the document carefully and make sure you are happy with the terms on which your shares will be held.

    • Do crowdfunding platforms charge me to invest?

      Crowdfunding platforms do not charge investors to invest in businesses. However, businesses using the Crowdfunding platform are charged a percentage of the funds they raise. In our case, we will be charged a percentage of the total funds raised by Crowdcube and our investment advisors.

    • Does overfunding effect the amount of equity available?

      We have set a target of £400,000 of investment for a 10.256 equity share in our business. However, we may decide to overfund, meaning we will accept additional investment over and above our target, and in return we will make more equity available to investors.

    • How is the amount of available equity calculated?

      We have valued our business at £3.5 million pre-investment or £3.9 million post-investment.

    • Can I cancel my investment when the pitch closes?

      Investors can cancel their own investments if they are below £2,000 through their Crowdcube account. They can do this at any time before the cooling off period has expired. If you investment is over £2,000 please contact Crowdcube directly.

      The cooling off period is usually no less than 7 days from the time of the crowdfunding pitch closing. Cooling off means investors have 7 days to change their mind about their investment in miicare.

    • How much can I invest via crowdfunding?

      You can invest as little as £10 via Crowdcube. The more you invest, the bigger the share of equity you will receive in return.

    • What class of shares are you offering?

      We have adopted a standard share class model of A Ordinary shares (with voting and pre-emption rights) and B Investment shares (which do not have these rights but do have equal rights to capital distributions and dividends), with an investment threshold to discriminate between the two (i.e. Those investing more than £25,000 receive A shares).

      This approach is intended to strike a balance between reasonable investor protections and straightforward corporate governance.

  • Are there tax advantages investing with you?

      Yes. We have received written confirmation of EIS advanced assurance.

      EIS (the Enterprise Investment Scheme) is designed to help smaller, higher-risk companies raise finance by offering tax relief on new shares in those companies that qualify. For the investor, it’s a tax efficient way to invest in small companies.

      People can invest up to £1,000,000 in any tax year and receive 30% tax relief. However, they are locked into the scheme for a minimum of three years. EIS seeks to encourage investment into unlisted companies, just like miicare.

      Please note: the availability of any tax relief, including EIS and SEIS, depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and of the company concerned, and may be subject to change in the future. If you are in any doubt about the availability of any tax reliefs, or the tax treatment of your investment, you should obtain independent tax advice before proceeding with your investment.

  • How do I get a return on my investment?
    • What are your plans for the future?

      We have a developed a 5 year plan to grow the business rapidly and establish miicare as the market leader in the medtech/telehealth sector.

      Our aim is to be dominant brand for Healthcare as a Service (HaaS) and will achieve this by increasing our reach and penetration in to the growing population of 13 million U.K. elderly 65+ and elderly care market worth £6.9 bn.

      We will also expand our product range with aim of personalising our offering to the specific needs of our customers and incentivising as many families as possible to give us a try.

      For more information, please request our investor presentation and financial projections by completing the enquiry form or emailing us at:

    • What is your exit strategy?

      Our objective is reach net profitability by the end of year 2 but investors should consider this as a long term investment based on the value of the business and their shareholding increasing over time, and the provision of future exit opportunities, for example; an IPO (initial public offering), trade sale, or full or partial sale of equity to other investors.

      Targeting a possible acquisition in a 5 year time frame, miiCare will be a highly scalable HaaS (Healthcare as a Service) business with circa 124k subscribers (UK market).

  • Will more funding be needed in the future?
    • How will you fund future growth?

      The growth of the business will be funded through a combination of reinvesting the gross profit we make on the sale of our product and acquiring additional funding when necessary. However, our future funding requirements will be very dependent on the performance of the business and the capital required for expansion at that specific point in time.

    • How will any additional funding effect my investment?

      If and when additional funding is required, this is likely to be at a point when the value of the business and our investors shareholding is deemed to be higher than at the time of investing. Thus, there is the potential to offset any dilution in investor equity through an increase in share price. However, please note that we cannot offer any guarantees that the value of your shareholding will increase.

    • What is equity dilution?

      Equity dilution is the decrease in existing shareholders’ ownership of a company as a result of the company issuing new equity. New equity increases the total shares outstanding which has a dilutive effect on the ownership percentage of existing shareholders.

  • Am I eligible to invest?

      To invest on Crowdcube you must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. You must be resident in the United Kingdom or a country where you may legally receive financial promotions of the nature provided by Crowdcube, and are legally entitled to invest in the type of investments offered.

      Crowdcube does not advertise investment opportunities to people in the United States, Canada, Japan or any other country where it would be unlawful for our pitches to be advertised. Investors must not register or view pitches if they are resident in these countries.

      Crowdcube unable to accept joint investments, so please ensure you create your Crowdcube account in your own name.

  • Why should I invest in miiCare?

      Our community of elderly and their families is expanding every day and now we need additional investment to reach out to more people and tell them why miiCare will benefit them and their families.

      We are miiCARE, a diverse and interdisciplinary team of technologist, data scientist, clinicians and social impact entrepreneurs. We’ve worked together to develop miiCUBE, an AI-based assistive technology developed to keep the Elderly Safe, Active and Connected to their loved ones and caregivers. We pride ourselves as being one of the very few Medtechs to have been successful in developing an telecare solution which makes pendants and bracelets artefacts of the past. miiCUBE adapts to the user and not the other way round, which makes it ideal for some people with cognitive impairment living alone at home. To our user we give hope and a new life style and to the families we give peace of mind, i.e. knowing that you will be alerted in case your elderly parent is in distress.

  • When do I need to invest?
    • When does your crowdfunding pitch go live?

      Our crowdfunding campaign launches in late August 2018.

      We’re offering our community the first opportunity to invest in our business before we go public to Crowdcube’s crowd of 520,000 investors.

      So, register your interest by completing our enquiry form and we’ll keep you informed of when you can invest via Crowdcube.

      Why now?

      The world population is getting older, the NHS is in CRISIS. The 13 million elderly people in the UK and this figure is rising quickly due to people living longer. A large proportion of these individuals have chronic conditions and multi morbidities such as (COPD), heart failure and diabetes and are finding it really challenging to manage on their own. We want the best for them and we want it NOW!

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