We can help your family

in self-isolation



Being stuck in quarantine doesn’t mean

you can’t take care of your loved ones


Unprecedented Health

Awareness at Home



Government mandated self-isolation due to COVID-19 can make it even more difficult to take care of elderly family members on their own or in need of support. Keeping them happy and healthy independently at home can become quite a challenge.

miiCARE can support elderly at home with health and well-being to help you keep them safe and at ease during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Smart Health Devices

Log body temperature and oxygen saturation through miiCUBE

to watch for fever or breathing difficulties

miiCUBE’s Virtual Companion

Our virtual assistant provides companionship

and helpful reminders during self-isolation


miiCARE Dashboard

Current and reliable health and activity information

with alerts for families and healthcare services

Call and Message

Stay connected to loved ones in self-isolation

and chat with peace of mind.

miiCARE offers a digital guardian angel for independent living and a support system for caring families

Join Pam and her family and support miiCARE today

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