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We've been working around the clock to satisfy the needs of our users during the COVID-19 crisis. We evolved our solution and AI to help the elderly during the pandemic, and we are on a personal mission to keep them safe, healthy, and connected with their loved ones while isolated at home.

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The concept

A very simple concept but it works a treat

Wireless Sensors


The sensors are placed at key locations in the house by the elderly users themselves. No visits by installers required



miiCUBE is plug and play and once powered, it searches and connects to the wireless sensors and telehealth devices automatically

Instant Notification


An instant notification is sent to family members if certain symptoms are identified or there are changes to behaviour



Senior person in distress receives the appropriate response immediately and emergency services are contacted if appropriate

MiiCare vs. Traditional
Smart Care System comparison

Package Options

You will need a package to get started. Choose the kit based on your needs and after your purchase, an
specialist will contact you to add on additional devices to completely customize MiiCare to your home.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How is miiCARE different to other companies?

miiCARE is a user-centric solution developed through intensive collaboration between practitioners, carers and the elderly. It can be configured to suit your health needs and personal lifestyle.
Our team is made up of people with years of experience working with the elderly and people with special needs, either as volunteers or professionals

Are there any health risks with the technology?

miiCARE is based on well-established sensor technology, such as passive infra-red movement detectors, widely used as home automation devices. What our experts have done is to turn these detectors into more intelligent devices to achieve full situational awareness within the home setting. This allows the system to detect anything abnormal so that the appropriate actions can be taken and fast.

Is it difficult to install?

Absolutely not, and there is no need to be a tech-savvy for you to install it thanks to the years of research that went into the product development. All you need to do is take miiCUBE out of the box, plug in the cable provided, stick the sensors around your house using the 3M tapes and you’re ready to go.

We’ve even colour-coded the cables and sockets so that you know exactly which bit goes where.

What if there is a power cut?

No worries, we thought about that one. One of our elderly client asked us to build this in the product and we’ve listened. When a power cut is detected the Cube automatically invokes the power backup mode which allows it to remain fully functional for up to 6 hours.

Can I configure miiCUBE for my specific needs?

There are some default settings which we will pre-configure before shipment to ensure that miiCUBE provides the basic functions based on clinical recommendations. To maintain the safety of the elderly person we would recommend that these are not altered. However, the other settings can be configured by the user depending on the habits and preferences. We are always available to walk you through these settings.

How do I know that miiCUBE is not faulty?

We thought about that one as well. We’ve worked closely with social alarm monitoring centres and are aware they receive lots of calls from the elderly people who just want to make sure that their system is not offline. To give them peace of mind we’ve built in a flashing light system which will let them know when something is not normal with the system.

Is my data kept securely?

Your personal safety and security is our priority and we’ve made every effort to prevent unsolicited accessed as we know the implications of your data landing in the wrong hands. Our servers also meet the criteria of ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ISMS requirements Standard and all our staff, processes and operations are designed to be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

Do I need a dedicated phone line?

No dedicated phone line is required. miiCUBE is designed to use your available internet or its own built-in internet connection. miiCUBE will scan for the connections automatically and when one connection drops it will look for another available connection without your intervention.

We also developed the solution such that it only transmits data when necessary, hence reducing the cost of data transmission.

Will I be able to cancel my contract?

Absolutely. If you change your mind within 90 days of purchase or your circumstances change, just let us know and we will take care of the rest for you and refund any surplus paid. As simple as that!

What is included in the membership fee?

Each package is different and has been formulated based on care needs and affordability. The shop page lists all the items that comes with each package together with the monthly subscriptions. However all packages comes with:

  • All communication costs between the Cube and the server
  • Notification of alarms to your relatives
  • Costs of the mobile APP and dashboard

Manufactured in the UK

Delivered to your door

Buyer return guarantee

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